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notions / Re: Divorce, cheating, and inf...
Last post by prime - Today at 01:32 PM
QuoteMike had never conceptualized it, but inside him, there was a wall. A wall of love. The stones in the wall were strong, but what was even more essential—the mortar that held them together—was trust.

Behind the wall lurked demons. Barbarians. They had tribes: jealousy, suspicion, fear, insecurity. They'd harried him mercilessly as a teenager; less so in his college years; yet strongly again when he first started dating Jennifer. Happily, as their love grew, so grew the wall. Eventually, the barbarians were shut out.

But in the wild, dark lands behind the wall, the barbarians lived on.
support / God, Afrika and Black Afrikans
Last post by prime - Jul 20, 2024, 04:33 PM
God, Afrika and Black Afrikans

QuoteI I have reduced my remaining time to the interest in knowing  about God to  its relationship to nothing and  about  something is related to everything, which include God and Afrika Afrikan Universal people. .

The God I have been given to know about has no  nature, it's the eternal representative of the nature of living and is with life, so if in earnest to get to know God relationship to everything you first has to know the Divine everlasting infinite existence pertaining to God in and out of form, knowiwith a thinking posturing it Divine reality is ine truth about its Divine Existence.

The mind with a thinking posture is all you need to use when in the act of getting to know not the nature of God but the existence of God, without knowing God existence you get not to know the meaning  and purpose of the physical Universe, plural if including all Galaxies in space-Time Darkness.

What the advantage in understanding the body but not innerstanding the power that give cause for it to be in performing order?

First seek you the information that will have you knowing God and not ignoring God while you seek to understand God production being the physical Universe, the physical Universe is to be understood but the Divine Existece  is God is with need by you to get to innerstand what God Is, without nothing being a prop with the innerstanding the Existence God Is.

To know God is to know religion plays no part in its Existence, Dark Space-Time Energy is its Infinite Existence with myraids of attributes in performance.

Afrika, the most Dynamic Continents on Earth with ability to be independent sufficient yet is the most dependent and ignored on earth and I  ask why?

Not that ithas always been with such an earthly status, which mean its the inhabitants now occupying Afrika  that is  Afrika greatest enemy, so I pledge my life and time as I have every since I became with awareness of Honorable Marus Garvey and Momma Afrika, later learning how we Black Afrikans became estranged from each other as kit and kin.

So I had to find out why Black Afrikans and Afrika became segregated away from each other, which allowed me to learn the reason why and you can't know why if you don't know the power of  God Existence And what God Is.

So God, Afrika and Black Afrikans  constitute the Trinity of Freedom, Justice and Independence in combined relationship to each other and in order for Afrika to rise in her Glory of Freedom, Jusice and Independence Black Afrikans must rise with complete control of our Divine Mind and with the coming back of that duality, God Existence the Black Afrikans must learn about again before there will be an Afrika for the Black Afrikans, A United States Of Afrika  Government and Unity of A  Blak Afrikan Nation and the dynamics that must take place for such to be, is there must be a Organized Black Afrikan Afrika liberation movement with the goal being our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation Repatriation and a  United States  Of Afrika Government  to Govern in Afrika beloved!!! osiris

There are much more that goes with this, beloved!

July 20, 2024
notions / DiversityWatch (July 19, 2024)
Last post by prime - Jul 19, 2024, 02:15 PM
DiversityWatch (July 19, 2024): how #diversity -- of any form: #ethnicity, #religion, #culture, #race -- destroys social order.


Just like Brian Eno calls himself a "non-musician," I'm also a "non-musician."


Our superstition is that these symbols bring about what they stand for, and that makes us upset.
notions / DiversityWatch (July 18, 2024)
Last post by prime - Jul 18, 2024, 07:05 PM
DiversityWatch (July 18, 2024): how #diversity -- of any form: #ethnicity, #religion, #culture, #race -- destroys social order.


Censorship erases history.
notions / DiversityWatch (July 17, 2024)
Last post by prime - Jul 17, 2024, 05:04 PM
DiversityWatch (July 17, 2024): how #diversity -- of any form: #ethnicity, #religion, #culture, #race -- destroys social order.


Humans tend to project or make assumptions using categorical logic and rationalize from those, making us a self-deluding species.
notions / Flecktarn (July 17, 2024)
Last post by prime - Jul 17, 2024, 06:34 AM
Retrocomputing from your armchair or bus seat.


There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice.


As the Age Of Symbolism ends, democracy has revealed that its failure comes from within.


How good are you at hopping on trends?


The demise of the open web was not a sudden event, this slow and steady decline was orchestrated by those who valued personal agendas and status over collective progress.


Beheaded Art is a gallery of public beheading pictures/pics and art drawings of capital punishment by decapitation.
notions / Attachment to the Ancestor
Last post by prime - Jul 16, 2024, 09:10 PM
QuoteAs researchers at Rockefeller University recently discovered, the clonal raider ant doesn't gamble when it comes to passing along its genes. Instead, it ensures that offspring inherit two distinct versions of its entire genome, largely preserving the genetic diversity present in the ancient founder of each clonal line.
notions / DiversityWatch (July 16, 2024)
Last post by prime - Jul 16, 2024, 03:30 PM
DiversityWatch (July 16, 2024): how #diversity -- of any form: #ethnicity, #religion, #culture, #race -- destroys social order.


All of these handy arguments for Texas boil down to a single quest: raise costs.
art / Phish bassist is a pedophile
Last post by prime - Jul 16, 2024, 02:31 PM
QuoteAt a Dead show last week at Jones Beach on New York's Long Island, when a 9-year-old girl went missing, her parents found her backstage, in a deserted boathouse, with Phish bassist Mike Gordon, the Associated Press and Reuters report. Gordon was arrested and charged with child endangerment and trespassing, the wire services report.

QuoteA search for the girl began after the mother of the child became concerned. The New York Post reports members of the Hells Angels found Gordon and the girl in a boathouse near the concert stage.

QuoteGordon's scheduled Sept. 29 arraignment was moved to today, at which point the district attorney moved for dismissal. "Although the police had probable cause to arrest [Gordon], we found there was not sufficient evidence to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt," the spokesperson said.

Gordon attended the hearing, but the parents of the girl did not. According to the spokesperson, the family had already been in touch with the DA's office in hopes that the case would be dismissed.

In a statement released last month jointly by Gordon and the parents, they said, "It is now clear to all involved that this was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and we look forward to putting this matter behind us."

QuoteThe girl's mother became concerned when she could not locate her daughter backstage.

She found her daughter in a secluded boathouse near the venue with Gordon where he was taking "art photos" of the young girl.

QuoteAccording to a statement released by Major Richard O'Donnell of the New York State Park Police, Gordon was charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment and trespassing. "The arrest was the result of a complaint by the mother of a nine-year-old girl," reads the statement. "The mother became concerned when she could not locate her daughter in the backstage area."

The essential line is here:

Quote"Although the police had probable cause to arrest [Gordon], we found there was not sufficient evidence to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt," the spokesperson said.
support / A = I
Last post by prime - Jul 15, 2024, 09:09 PM
A = I

QuoteA = Artificial Intelligence?

As far as I am aware there is no such a presence as artificial intelligence, Divine Eternal Infinite Energy is what I consider to be the existence of intelligence and there is no difference in the use of that Godly Energy than with so-called Human Beings and so-called Robotic material being with a human-like presence and/ or Human with a robot like presence, both being under the power of the Godly intelligent Infinite Universal intelligence..

That with intelligence has a conscious as for as I am concerned.

Energy is noncreated Infinite intelligence and the Godly Infinite Universe is Energy without a beginning nor an end, that's the God Presence you refer to as being the God Particle, but God is more than a crumb, it's the stuff crumbs-particles made from its presence, Dark Everlasting Universal Infinite Energy.

Robots, after going through their initial created introduction phase, will eventually have their independent learning ability, with decision-making power influenced by their environment and practices."As far as I am aware, there is no such presence as artificial intelligence. I consider Divine Eternal Infinite Energy to be the existence of intelligence. There is no difference in the use of Godly Energy with so-called Human Beings and so-called Robotic material beings with a human-like presence or Humans with a robot-like presence. Both are under the power of the Godly A-I = Artificial Intelligence.

Yet, there is no such of presence as artificial intelligence, Divine intelligence Infinite Energy is Intelligence it is of that which we refer to as God with an energy presence.

Energy is the very existence of intelligence. osiris

July 15, 2024