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Osiris Akkebala

Started by prime, Apr 26, 2024, 02:23 PM

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Simplicity Is The Way To Common Sense

QuoteIs it that we Black Afrikans just don't innerstand the truth about what we must do to save Afrika and our Black Afrikan Universal selves or is it that we just choose to ignore our responsibility to Afrika and ourselves and choose to just keep on dealing with what's ailing us Black Afrikans and choosing to believe somebody other than ourselves will need to become our savior?

Lain't studden nothing but what we need to do for ourselves to cause Afrika to rise from the heat=ashes of self-condemnation and self-inflicted ignorance, ignoring the fact don't nobody cares about our Black behind in the condition we now living in and the reason why is it that everybody knows that we Black afrikans don't care about Afrika and our Black Afrikan Universal selves.

All the time the only thing we talk about concerning our conditional living is who is responsible for our down-fall and believing religion is our savior, never about what we need to do in real time for Afrika and our Black Afrikan Universal selves.
We act as if all we need to do is imagine our oppression away and just keep on believing that Jesus is coming and is almost here, we just have to believe he is and just wait on "him"?

My, my, look how far we have fallen from the mind space that deal with Divine Truth And Reality in this physical dimension, we ain;t gonna be able to wish our way to freedom, all we talk about is show not how we are to cause Afrika to rise and that Afrikan people are in want of a U s Afrika Government

Ain't nothing gonna  happen of  a Greater Good  in Afrika not unless we Black Afrikans make it happen beloved!!! Osiris

April 26, 2024


Is There Such An Energy Presence As A Straight Line Or Nothingness?

QuoteCosmology is the science about everything that is a concern about all matter in the space - time physical dimension which  is not to be treated imagining that the physical dimension is inherited with matter that is everything physical and with a mathematical approach that reveals the truth and physical reality about a matter of energy presence that is of all proportion of energy that is inherited in and is of the infinite universe  that gives birth to the physical universe.

In the physical universe where everything  of matter can be mathematically discovered to be proven about all matter that is in space-time domain.

There are physicists who are with an observable sense to be with an ability to observe the energy-matter expressing a natural rhythm of relativity. and Everything that is active in the physical dimension is discoverable by the use of mathematical table formulas and telescopes instruments. that gives you. with accuracy an ability to find and track matter movement and behavior in space-time.

Only with matter being observed can you say with certainty that straight angular lines are not the behavior of movement of matter in the galactic universe surrounded by space-time.

The Infinite Universe is of energy singularity space-time is of single angular. energy that is the presence of space-time, energy is the infinite coverage that move in a straight single line with myriads of energy moving in a single straight direction into infinity, it's the god presence of what is referred to as energy singularity consisting of space essence with a vibration sound as if an energy orchestrate playing a symphany of universal infinite energy vibration sound.
There is or is there Such An Energy Presence As A Straight Line Or Nothingness
Space is an infinite presence of strings energy that cover by extending in straight present into infinity, no flaws no curves no bending but gives the illusionary appearance effect of being with such acrobatics.

Matter of energy takes on all shapes and forms of appearance it's the God-Presence it does whatever it so performs to do and appear to be needing not to prove anything to something in its made to be existence.

I wonder with the question I have about Nothing I do have about Something, where do they comes from, if at all they do, one implies not being and the other don't!!! Osiris

Is There Such an Energy Presence As A Straight Line And Nothingness?

April 26, 2024


The Divine Truth About Creation, There Ain't None

QuoteYou Don't Create You Are a Responder to Divine Existence that Divine Existence is what allows you to be in the form we are and gives to you the ability to utilize the space-time dark energy external and internal physical and organic presence that have you to be your whole and entire self.

Again, you don't create you react and respond, there is a presence much greater than you and it provide the energy presence that have you and all other physical matter to be with ability and choices, the freedom that is inherited in the energy that is the sole presence of space-time dark energy intelligent Divine existence and by the way there is no good and bad energy, its value is not created,  quantiated, evaluated nor valuated  its  divine in performance and however you choose to utilize it in your action of living is your choice.

Now, there is no something about the Infinite Universe which is an existential presence to all physical matter presence, the Infinite Universe is no creator and is no illusion and neither are you with a physical matter of a presence living by the Spatial Energy vibration that is in a singularity extending in straight myriads of angular extension that is infinite in existence giving an appearance to there is a physical dimension that receives its vibration from the dark energy space-time intelligent infinite vibrating existence, needing not to create lust revelate all that comes from the infinite existence of space-time dark energy.

There is no mystery about space-time, the challenge is whether you will be energetic and innerstanding to know what God Is? Osiris

If you don't know why guess at it, there is the presence of God viberation inherit in Space-time your mind interpretation is with an ability that have you with opportunity to get to know what is needed to know at your choosingl you being with a brain mind to operate at your effort to get to know what you need to know about God and you.

There is no something that is perminent in the physical dimension, such a statement does not apply to space-time Godly existence, beloved!!! Osiris

All of the Galaxy Universe is right there in the universe  bosom of Space-time infinitum, beloved, viberating with the symphonic viberation inherit in the infinite Godly presence, Space - time infinite   existence.

May 1, 2024


Does Something Come From Nothing?

QuoteDoes Something, come from nothing, such is the question coming from the physicist community, so I ask, does intelligence come from ignorance?

Does the paradox seem similar, are they?

When attempting to reasonably respect the difference with the first question about nothing, can you see where there is a possibility or even a probability such could have been the case concerning Nothing, or even ignorance?

It all connects with the state of mind which is why Afrika is as it is today in an unacceptable state of mind to benefit the Black Afrikans.

May 5, 2024


An Incomplete History Is Not a History Exposing Success

QuoteThe fact of the matter regarding Black  Afrikan people is that we live today glorifying a history of our struggle that is incomplete and does not have  completeness that has Afrika in possession of the branch, freedom, justice, and independence for Afrika and no unity of a Black Afrikan Nation and no United States Of Afrika Government with no honor and respect for our Enslaved Ancestors who carried the now Diaspora Afrikans through the middle passage who live now not in Afrika with honor bestowed upon  those Afrikans who should now  he the  Diaspora Afrikans being in Afrika as the Newly established State,

Our history can't boast of having that caliber of success for the Black Afrikan Nation today and yet here we are not organized in such a way that today Black Afrikans not yet qualified to be with such an honor by our history which shows no intelligence enough to know the today obligation we have is to advance to become a part of an incomplete history that is in action to become a completed history carrying the experience of freedom, justice, independence, being with Afrika  Black Afrikans with a patriotism to Afrika that have Black Afrikans Unted as a Black Afrikan Nation and the Diaspora Afrika now in Afrika a member of a united state Of Afrika Government.
When the Black Afrikans History can boast of being with such a success our history will not be victorious and an incomplete history carry no freedom for Afrika and Black Afrikans to be in Afrika in power in Afrika beloved!

May 5, 2024


Afrika Is Not Popular Among Diaspora Afrikans And Wanna Be Afrikan Arabs

QuoteThere are three issues that Black Afrikans will ignore and show to have no emotional ties to and with, they are Chattel Slavery Reparation-Repatriation Back to Afrika, the Colonialization Reparation for Afrikans in Afrika, and to have a United states Of Afrika Government Governing Afrikans.

Black Afrikans has no patriotism for Afrika, living in and out of Afrika and the fact that Afrika is trying to catch up with the 21st century verifies the truth about the ignorance we show toward Afrika as a Continent as well as toward Afrikans in Afrika and vice-versa.

Yet and now, you have Black Afrikans getting all hot and bothered involving themselves with other people problems of all catagory of claimed injustice across the character behavioral spectrum as long it's not involving your own victimization by government-issued oppression against Black Afrikans.

Black Afrikans have no moral attitude nor aptitude towards the issue of Reparation Repatriation, you don't even attempt to learn by thinking to get to know the Divine reason and purpose by victimization why it is that Reparation is owed to not just Black people  but to Black Afrikan people who were forced to travel the middle passage into chattel Enslavement and it is not respectful to mention Reparation without Repatriation, the both are connected as Siamese Twins, one comes not without the other.

No way you will get Black Africans to show the energy ready to be exerted in behalf of anybody and everybody else problem like you do but not for your own victimization by injustice, Racism, Discrimination and Unjust Prejudice if protest action is not in other than yourselves behalf then hell no  Black  Afrikans ain't got no emotion of offense against the evil we face every day because of the birthmark of God we wear.

Ain't no way in hell we should be talking about something our Enslaved Ancestors earned for us by enduring the evil of Chattel enslavement, those Reparation-Repatriation belong to our Enslaved Ancestors thus to their children who hold the proxy in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, approxmate five hundred years that devil has been in possession of what does not belong to America Governent, our Diaspora Reparation Repatriation and neitherthe twain will come together to demand from Lucifer the Devil our Ancestors Chattel Enslaved and Colonized Reparation with Diaspora Repatriation each pertaining to Afrika!

There ain't another race of Black people like the Afrika Black people with a behavior of tolerance with our oppressors and they are many.

You will not see those other ethnic Groups with a difference with those other people they have complaints against coming to join in protest supporting the right to Reparation Repatriation for our Enslaved Ancestors beloved!

May 6, 2024


The Existence Of God

QuoteWhat Is Space-Time?

Can One Be Without The Other Or Is Both Relative To Each Other, Having No Separate Path To Existence?

Can something come From Nothing Or Can Nothing Produce Something?

I hold to the notion that Space--Time is a Present Phenomenon having enclosed in its presence all of the elemental particles t

When I share about Space is the ultimate Universe, Mother of all universes with a Galaxy identity tof stars and planets and all of the energy attributes that energy is in and of Space-Time, the infinite universe is the infinite  SpacTime and is not being, but is an inert ethereal existence of one and the same unilateral existence which is Dark Energy with a Space-Time Infinite Intelligent Presence out from come all matter of being in many and various form of being.

DarkSpace-Time is with no beginning and has no end, it is the God presence of all things that be in the finite universe, yet tat Darkness perform wit the precision of infinite intelligence, needing no conscious is errorless in whatever action that come out from is presence, Dark Space-Time is its Eternal Everlasting Infinite Existence having no point of origin and no fixed destination, no curves, no points of direction, it just extends with a infinite presence, Dark Energy infinitum, needing no meaning nor purpose for its infinite existence, some will say the infinite space-time has all o the existence of that we refer to as GOD.

May 12, 2024


Freedom or the Illusion of It

QuoteBeloved why do we refuse to accept the fact in confinement as long as there is no freedom to replace a body-mind oppression, first you will  have to do what you need to do to free yourselves and in such an environment all things are possible to and about you being in the living condition you are designed to experience, the truth is that there can be no healing of the body-mind condition not as long as tere is no freedom environment for you to live in, all else is pretending and self-deceiving, the way you lost your freedom is te way you will need to  get it back, for every action there is a reaction is the way the Infinite Universe has set it to be for you and me beloved.

First Secure Your Freedom to Be In Afrika, There Be Where The Center Of Your Power Resides

QuoteLet me share this Divine Truth with you my beloved Black Universal Family, a truth that is Divine information that comes from being able to think to see to know by being obedient to what I hear coming from within from my Divine Black Energetic Intelligent Universal Dark Present Ancestors as we wear the Birthmark of the Universal Godly Infinite Universe.

As I see Momma Afrika being ignored by all who carry the code of Divine Truth do I see ignorance prevailing among today's Black no more Afrikans with no patriotic respect for the Divine Nature of our being Black Divine Universal people who show no dignity with respect for Momma Afrika.

There you are, Black, claiming to be no more and rather emulating who you act to be, which is a spitting image of our oppressors, for instance.

Now there are Black Afrikans making claim to be Black Israelite Jews and there are Black Afrikans who also are making claim to be Hebrew Israelites Jews and also Asiatic Palestinians, and there are Negro Diaspora Afro-descendants making claim to be Americans and yet there you are taking sides in what's going on in the so-called middle east and here you are so blind and can't see to know what is Divinely true about you today, which is there seems not to be not anymore, no Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans Garvey like Afrikans today. the so-called middle east, from the river to the sea, which is all Afrika once used to be.

Yet Black Afrikans make no claim to be yours because we no long for looking all of the time and that is why Afrika is as it is today not being for the Black Afrikans today,, having no United State Of Afrika Government,  no Ancestors Reparation Repatriation and still we are here divided unorganized displaying a weakness everybody can see, even you, beloved!

May 14, 2024


The Infinite Universe, Darkness, Is It Space-Time with an Energy Presence?

QuoteThe Infinite Universe, Darkness, Is It Space-Time with an Energy Presence?

I am not referring to the cnventual  galaxy universe  that is with limit.

My Definition Of The Universe Is That It Is Darkness Without Meaning.
The question in the physicist's community is, does the Universe have a presence because of your presence, or do you have a presence because of the Universe?,

Darkness, space-time with no beginning nor end, is what I consider to be the infinite universe, where is it and where does it come from and where does it go at the presence of light,  if any place?

Is Space Darkness considered to be a form of matter,  as all  mater is claimed to have, is space structure with an identity, is it with a shape, is  it infinite or finite and if infinite there is no point of origin, not flat nor round as we been conditioned to imagine about space, it is ethereal without an appearance, is the wind and space the same in composition?

Do all of the Energy Elements and particles come from the Universal Darkness, what significance does Darkness serve to all things physical, the infinite corresponding with the finite, one representing without limits and the other has limit to their presence.

Only the Dark Spatial Time Universe is in a presence of eternal existence, so, does that mean that the infinite universe only exist at the summon of finite matter in performance, yet revealing everything is because of the existence of Dark Energy Space-Time Intelligent existence?

Does Dark Space-time exist to the dead, or do the dead verify no existence nor presence of a Universe, infinite or finite, the two no longer relate or do they?

The most important thing to life is to live it and since it is only finite its importance relates to the way you live and all that is or should be important to living is the way you choose to live in the presence of our most Ancient Divine Ancestors since tgat action is  not infinite but comes with limits with an ending.

So it shoud be of utmost importance to being in the physical dimension to live experiencing the Greater Good  of that limited time to live and when anything come in your presence to prevent you from having a  Greater -Good experience it become your obligation to  invoke the Universal Law of Self-Protection using all and nccessary means to do so and when you do not, you fail in the presence of our most Ancient Divine Afrikan Ancestors!

May 30, 2024


The Divine Gift Of Not Knowing But Living Like You Do

QuoteAnybody who makes a claim to be with universal Knowledge means, knowing about the various levels of the Universe and is aware of the meaning and need of living life and carries a very revealing quality of esoteric knowledge about somebody referred to as God and is a believer in somebody referred to be Jesus, then question  everything being told to you by those using Jesus as a backdrop confirmation creation Infinie Dark Space-Time Universe, it being  by the writers claiming God, Jesus, and all else being a party to such Lies Abou  God, when speaking really about what they believed about the universe just as they do today.

In other words,, the bible book from which Jesus appeared  is used to  conquer the mind performance of the believer.

It is down-evil to use the mystery of the Universe as if available only to those who have a receptive mind to believing the biblical electric elements, breeding particles, and chemical presence of the Universe objects attached to it, stars, planets andall of the substratum gravitational action pertaining to the Infinite universe.
Either the Universe is  or it can be and not be, but is the fact  that we perform as if we are here, is no indication that we are not, all else is speculation being with wonderment trying to prove what need no proof, which open the flood-gates of suspicious, superstition trying to reasom with what is not reasonable in the Divine infinite  Universe.

It is not smart to try and  apply physical methods to nonphysical presence, the rule of law that governergy that , energy is the revealing factor to all that is physical so it is the physicagoverned by the n physical things has no effect on theEthereal  Infinite Dark Space - Time Existence.

We on the physical level live and we so-called die, one mean is and the other is not, there is no getting it right or wrong when dealing with God, it is  the Infinite Dark Space-Time existence, its performance is the true presence of reality, whatever that mean.

So now,  is our so-called reality, here in the physical  and energy is our source giving to hysical objects  ability to perform as we do hereand now, wherever that is yet still we perform being with an element referred to as life  then become  death yet we make false claim that we do not die, which mean to not be as weare now, which is only a reference to the Godly Dark Energy Intelligent Infinite Space-Time , wherever there is. Osiris

The only thing that is real, is not knowing, just faking like we do?

June 3, 2024


The Godly Infinite Space-Time Dark Energy Universe, Never Without Space-Time Energy In Action, Never Void

QuoteThere is no degree To the Divine Infinite Universe, and Space-Time Energy it is,, God Of Everything Subject To Nothing, Never Without A Presence, Being Always In Possession With Something!!! Osiris

Now, the Universe I am attached to does not have an energy identity crisis, energy changing its frequency to appear in different forms of angles of any sort, such is not the performance of Space-time infinitum its existence which, the Divine Universe is, it is the God Energy without curvature, such energy movement requires various forms of matter to have a variation in identity response because it pertains to the law of physics that is finite with an expiration date, physical matter is, but not the inert ethereal force with a presence that is with eternal infinite existence, Godly Dark Energy.

The Godly Universe is a verification of being the essence of Harmony, Order, and Balance. All of its energy attributes that are present in the physical dimension are in motion according to the physical master force direction, that being the most powerful visible object that the energy elements and particles submit to in physical performance having their presence to be that which is because the Divine infinite Universe is. Its space-time motion does not depend on movement. Still, it is an infinite gyrating vibration because its existence is edges, no point of beginning, and no end, needing no angles to support its performing action, that beloved is Dark Energy Space-Time Intelligent Infinite Universe in Everlasting Existence, God Present.
There is only One Divine Energy Presence that allows its energy presence to perform in the physical dimension it is amenable to inputting into an actionable form capable of multiplying into various elements of energy performance in relationship to physical matter.

June 7, 2024


The actuality Of Everything, Which Is What God Is And The Theory About Nothing!

QuoteThe actuality Of Everything, Which Is What God Is, And The Theory About Nothing.  Osiris

I am going to leap into sharing that freedom is the act of informing about everything and is about existence which is not related to anything, but to something that is verified by the presence of everything, it is an oneness in the field of Divine Thinking, that field puts you in the know of what God Is. osiris

In the field of physics, the use of theory is highly respected and attempted to be proved by using numbers to measure and calculate the graphic of what is reality and the presence of matter being in a relationship with energy.
Knowing has to do with having the ability to think freely and freedom is with no conflict to Divine truth and reality and reality is the ability to overwhelm conflict, which is no more than a presence to cause complication to reasoning within the two hemispheres of the so-called brain organ where the mind is developed to test the quality of your thinking ability.

The brain has no emotional relationship to the pineal gland, the receiver of all information of a lifetime passageway to the hemispheric presence of the brain, monumental compartmental presence to departmental receiving to load into the mind for dissemination action causing a physical and spiritual display by the body performance.

Now this is where it gets complicated based on what you have been miseducated and brainwashed to believe about the existence of life and your place with it in a living relationship to it.

Life is about things being in motion, having nothing to do with how you choose to utilize it in the act of living, that depends on your thinking  and environmental conditioning, the circumstances you interact with, and the
 choices you make, all of which affect your living conditions.

In the living arena is where all of the lies about God and the quality of living take place, is where you come to be misled into believing about God and its Infinite and finite Universe, one ethereal and the other of a matter in the form it appears to be all of which is of the Godly Presence revealing the do's and don't to your created designed way of living, setting up criteria to challenge the way to live and pretend it's God doing.

The Godly Universe, Infinite it is, does not delve in setting up rules of Law that pertain to your life and how to live life, freedom is the code of the Infinite Universe existence, conflicts be that of the matter of living takes on to challenge and lie about God, conflict of all sorts are there on the physical dimensional level in space-time.

Nothing has no role in the presence of God Infinite Universe, there is only one God, one Infinite Universe and a so-called multiplicity of Finite Universe consisting of Life Living in conflict to the other of matter living lying about there is such an existence as nothingness, not in and of the infinite Dark Spatial Energy infinite existence, in freedom, there is no conflict, no contradiction no finite matter to contend with, in the infinite universe it is what it is, Freedom with life gyrating and vibrating in Harmony, Order, and Balance to the serenity of freedom, nothing is a supreme conflict to everything and nothing is not included om everything that is with no need to be something.

I choose to master the technique of Thinking without nothing to introduce conflict to the process of knowing, and a nation who have no mental conflicts, is a nation in Harmony, order, and Balance which breeds an environment of freedom, therefore with this freedom, you think to know beloved!!! Osiris

June 9, 2024


Does The Universe Have A Black Hole When focusing on the Infinite Universe

QuoteI am a Esoteric phi;osophical Thinker, and community activist Afrikan Nationalist, I claim not  to be  a member of the scientifist community, my interest is in what's real and not what could be real on our level with an interest  in the Infinite Universe , space-Time intelligent presence,my educated introdoctrinated background is sociology with a political science minior  with a phi;osophy and education subjects study, I do not muzzel my mind, it is allowed to explore the not yet known educationall ife living things  that are in and of the Dark space-Time existence, many time colliding with established scientifist theory by those with an educational background study.

Take the topic Black Holes being in the Universe a statement without specification, meaning making no distinction between the Finite and Infinite Universe and in my thinking you must make that distinction for clarification to the Godly Universe, which is infinite Dark Space Infinitum, no beginning, no end, no nothing is present in the  Infinite Dark Space-Time Universe,such only apply to  the Dark Space-Time Intelligent Infinite Universe., as I am thoughtfully made aware of what God Is, Space-Time is Darkness.

My thoughts concerning the Universe is concentrated on Dark Space-Time Infinitum, no beginning, no end, therefore my esoteric thinking have me to be able to see and to know  when focusing on the infinite Universe you are beyond the physical dimension, therefore Infinity is not reachable to be penetrateable, there is no Black Hole in the Infinite Universe, the galactical universe  is  spinning on space but not in space and space -time is Dark Energy in perpreturity is infinite exof all matter of energy performance existence,no Black hole in God, just infinite Blackness, God Is, with all of its angles  attributes  in performance.

Everything that is Matter has  an angle to it, the infinite universe is the very essence of all things in it, yet is the essence of existence and is with an omnipresence, omniscence, omnipotent presence, Dark  pace-Time Intelligent Infinitum It Is  God present. without an expiration date.

God is  not to be theorized about nor misinterpreted to be what it is not, you do so when misinforming about the Infinite Universe which have no curves but is iin possession of all angles of present description pertaining to the physical dimension.

How do you verify nothing comes out of something when nothing ain't there to move  preventing it from  being something.

The infinite Universe has a conscious because you have nothing to point to make claim to be something that verify your claim about the Infinite Universe but do about nothing.

How do you get to the edge of something that has no beginning and no end, where with infinity do you have proof that it curve and there is  no eternal continuation in infinit?Dark Space-Time Intelligent Infinitum

The Infinite Universe is not provable nor is disprovable , you know that when you are a Divine Thinker that reveals to you What God Is Not beloved. and the God I think of is Dark Energy Space-Time Infinitum, in possession of anything that has or do not have a verified  spark  but do, verifying its presence.

June 15, 2024


I Ain't Studding No Change from The Way I Have Been Conditioned To Be by Lucifer The Human Being

QuoteWe live today insane under the religious doctrine of Lucifer and Lucifer's religion ain't gonna quaI Ain't Sttudding No Change from The Way I Have Been Conditioned To Be by Lucifer The Human Beinglify your Black behind to be a revolutionary force against him, he knows he is in control and authority of your mind and continent, Afrika and Lucifer religion teaches us to wait on our change to come from somebody, somewhere else other than yourselves, the sign of weakness verifying there be no organized effort to free Africa and the Mind of Black Folks today!!! Osiris

A Disorganized Nation Is  A Weak Nation Beloved!!! Osiris
If Afrika  And The Condition Of Thee Black Afrikan Nation Is Not Your Primary Concern, then you have no justifiable reason to be delving into the issue of Enslavement Reparation Repatriation, just as it takes a dedicated thinker to involve yourself with the physicist of the Universe so it does with the sociological Universal Rights issue of Enslavement Reparation Repatriation of which I am an expert about such an issue.

If the physicists have a problem with Terrence's knowledge regarding the Universe and all therein, then why not talk with Terrence instead of talking about his views as if he does not exist to be confronted, they have almost if not already have stepped over the line of racial Prejudice.

June 14, 2024


Considered To Be Wise Scientists Ask The Question, Does The Universe Has A Conscious?

QuoteThe Question asked, Does The Universe Has A Conscious?

My thought concerning such a question is that anything that is the reason why everything that is in, of, on the universe ( Dark Space-Time Intelligent Infinitum ) the verification of Perfection, Doesn't need a conscious, it is the Divine Existence of so-called Consciousness it is Infinitely aware of everything present in the Universe, Physical or Ethereal, so it puzzles me as to why world-renown physicists would ask such a question, it must be a rhetorical one at the most in the arena of Divine Truth And Reality of awareness.

Everything Mabkind gives reason and purpose to be, create a classification, meaning, and purpose with a defined characterized identity.

Many physicists use the term Universe interchangeably when referring to Space-Time and galaxies as the universe, with no distinction when referring to them both, as if there is no difference between the two but it is.

For clarity, it should be stated clearly when discussing the Universe, which Universe-Universes are the focus of in such a discussion, it is clear there is an Infinite presence of difference between the Physical Universe and Space-Time Universe.

I  think the same requirement should  apply when the topic is  about God, Lucifer, Life and  Death, Heaven and Space-Time, Afrikan and Black Afrikan, Liberation And  Civil Rights, etc;

June 23, 2024