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How did I end up here?

Started by Patrick Pearse, Jan 15, 2024, 09:29 PM

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QuoteShe was a dark skinned Indian with very aryan, almost Anglo features.


The Martian zombie slut ray is real:

QuoteThe anonymous man, who is from the UK, shared on Reddit that whilst his wife had phoned him on tears during her girls trip to confess she'd had sex with a man 10 years her junior the night before.

Despite her remorse and immediately coming clean, he revealed he is 'not even considering forgiving her'.

And the deception is profound:

QuoteThere are two sides to me, and they're  diametrically opposed: one is a devoted wife and mother who loves her family very much; the other, a sexually voracious woman who is addicted to the thrill of sleeping with someone new.

Andrew and I have been married for 20 years. I've been unfaithful to him eight times during the past 14 of them. As far as I'm aware, my husband doesn't know about any of these other men.

But even if our marriage was distant and sexless, it still wouldn't be his fault that I stray. It's a choice I make despite knowing that if he or Abigail, 18, were ever to find out, it would break their hearts. I feel guilty, but not enough to stop.

I sleep with other men purely for the frisson of excitement it injects into an otherwise ordinary, and perfectly tolerable, life.


Is this some kind of asylum or mental health ward?
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