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Started by prime, Mar 22, 2024, 09:39 AM

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QuoteI didn't start playing until I was sixteen. Kind of a late start, but it didn't hold me back. I played it night and day. Within three months I was playing blues-based solos by Clapton, Page, and others, but by the time I was playing for a year, I was able to play pretty close to note for note and up to speed Eddie Van Halen stuff.

My guitar teacher quit trying to teach me technique and started to focus on music theory. I learned how to play classical music pieces, and more importantly to my style, how to structure my solos like mini classical pieces. It was so much harder to do that than playing Van Halen stuff. I learned everything Randy Rhoads ever wrote, and I learned more Yngwie Malmsteen songs than I care to admit. I was obsessed with the neo-classical sound.