Dark Pluralism

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Dark Pluralism

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Pluralism asserts that reality lacks an absolute, universal, and objectively binding "truth" and therefore we allow many truth-visions in parallel at the same time, producing a liberalized, individualistic politics based on tolerance:
pluralism, in political science, the view that in liberal democracies power is (or should be) dispersed among a variety of economic and ideological pressure groups and is not (or should not be) held by a single elite or group of elites. Pluralism assumes that diversity is beneficial to society and that autonomy should be enjoyed by disparate functional or cultural groups within a society, including religious groups, trade unions, professional organizations, and ethnic minorities.
Dark Pluralism takes this further and asserts a negation of universal truths, values, and communications; the best we can do instead is not to tolerate but to accept each other as having not just different viewpoints but different perceptions related to who we are (intelligence, genetics:class-race-ethnicity-mutations, sex, age, experience) and therefore, we need a society where any viewpoint can be expressed.

In a Dark Pluralist society, Rabbis and Nazis walk the same streets. The Klan and the Black Panthers have dialogues. Christians and Buddhists converse. We are each islands of ourselves, with our own beliefs, and form tribes which are not expected to like each other. In fact, it is expected that conflicts will occur, but Dark Pluralism states that in the interest of mutual benefit we accept each other.

This rejects any moral standard, including Dark Pluralism itself. Unlike all ideologies, Dark Pluralism incorporates its critics and does not seek to silence them. In fact, it seeks to silence no one. People need to confront the conflict at the core of humanity, nature, and even mathematics. People need to be able to be hated, called ethnic slurs, told to kill themselves, and other offensive and upsetting things. This is a form of maturity and wisdom.

In a Dark Pluralist forum, nothing is true and everything is permitted (with a caveat that illegal things like CSAM, doxing, and threats against specific individuals made as encouragement to those who are likely to carry them out or by an individual who intends and can carry them out, are prohibited for practical reasons). Enter into the realm of humanity once we get over our fetish for one-size-fits-all systems.
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