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Murkan Black and Tan

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2023 5:46 pm
by prozak
Long ago, I was in the country known as "Brokeback Island" aka the UK, where I was served this great drink called a "Black and Tan." This is a reference to the heritage of the Irish, which is both black (North Africans coming through Iberia) and tan (primitive neolithic wanderers). The drink consists of pouring Bass Pale Ale into a chilled glass, then inverting a spoon and pouring really cold Guinness over it so that it forms a layer on top. It's quite good!

The Murkan version of course is simpler. Chill a glass, then fill it with warm Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Over an inverted spoon, pour chilled Negra Modelo on top of that first layer. Or, if you are a full-blown alcoholic, just mix the two. It tames the sweetness of the dark beer and keeps the hipster snappiness out of the pale ale. Prost! Slainte! Or something.